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You and your family’s privacy and protection is our #1 priority!

It is our promise to provide the most trusted suite of identity theft prevention and response products available! You and your family’s privacy and protection is my #1 priority! Identity theft has become a crime of epidemic proportions. Over the last five years, this crime has impacted over 27 million Americans. Last year alone, identity theft affected an estimated 10 million Americans resulting in losses of over $53 billion.’s ID Early Warning System is a proprietary early detection and warning system which scans hundreds of data sources at various daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly intervals for address changes-a common link in identity theft cases. We alert you immediately to any potential identity theft in progress!

This invaluable system complements our already vast array of identity prevention and response products including our identity education center, criminal identity checks, online reputation monitor, and more. We are certain you will be more than satisfied with our services. Feel free to contact myself or any member of our staff if we can be of any assistance to you or your family.

ID Theft Statistics

The FTC Reports that among ID Theft victims:
85% of identity theft victims had one or more of
their accounts misused
75% of the victims did not report the crime to
the authorities
78% of the victims did not report the crime to
any credit bureaus
50% of the victims did not know how the criminals got their personal information


our services

Fully Managed Family Identity Theft Restoration (IDR)

If you become a victim to identity theft a professionally trained recovery advocate is assigned to you and will perform a fully managed identity restoration program. Our recovery advocates will document, dispute and reverse all fraudulent transactions through a limited power of attorney for all known types of identity theft. Additionally, this includes one year of follow-up after victim is back to pre-theft status and provides one year of additional extensive monitoring services for all victims.

Internet Monitoring Service:

The Internet Monitoring Service proactively scans for your sensitive personal information commonly sold and traded on black market Internet sites and chat rooms. This service includes monitoring for credit and debit card numbers, bank account numbers, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, telephone numbers, email addresses, and other sensitive information. The services uses the latest internet crawling and monitoring technologies, private and public security professionals, and law enforcement agents to identify new black market internet sites that should be monitored. The service uses industry standard encryption and security processes to maintain data security and monitoring reliability. You may receive an optional monthly status email providing an update of their monitoring service. In addition, the system can send real time alerts via email to you whenever there is activity.

Premium ID Theft Monitoring and Early Warning System

The Premium ID Theft Monitoring and Early Warning System constantly monitors your identity of thousands of public and private data sources covering billions of records and alerts you of possible threats to their identity. This system includes name and alias monitoring, phone number monitoring, and address monitoring.

Personal Identity Theft Background Report

This service provides a detailed background report listing historic and current address, phone number and other identifying records associated with the your identity to help identify current risk.

Lost Wallet Service

If a your wallet or purse is lost or stolen, our call center we will help you identify your lost cards and documents and assist in getting them canceled and replaced. You can register your credit cards in our Privacy Command Center once you login to your account.

Free Credit Reports Reminder Service will help all members save money by reminding and assisting them in retrieving their free annual reports from the credit bureaus.

Credit Security Freeze Assistance Service

All members can lock down their credit file by providing information and assistance in putting a Credit Report Security Freeze on your credit report files.


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